Google My Business Setup Service

Introducing the Easiest Way to Get Your Google Business Profile Setup 👨‍💻

One of the millions of businesses that do not have a Google My Business listing set up? Let GMB Gorilla swing into action and get your profile set up the right way today.

Work directly with a dedicated profile manager who will claim your listing, get it verified, then lead the charge implementing enhancements that fully optimize your profile.

Learn more about our GBP Setup Service below or call 1-800-410-3119 to speak with the team about how GMB Gorilla can help!

Google My Business Profile Verification
Our Google Business Profile Setup Service takes the hassle out of claiming, verifying, and optimizing your Google Profile.

The calls never stop 📲

We got calls the week after GMB Gorilla set up our Google My Business listing. It’s now five years later and the calls haven’t stopped coming in from our profile!

Connor Kolb, Owner, WNY Snow Removal

image of connor kolb

Google My Business Setup Service Overview 🔭

The GMB Gorilla Google My Business Setup Service allows you to work with one of our profile managers who will take the time and hassle out of properly claiming, verifying, and optimizing your Google Business Profile for high rankings and maximum visibility.

With Google My Business Setup, you no longer have to worry about setting the profile up correctly. GMB Gorilla will make sure your profile is set up based on industry best practices and current standards.

The Google My Business Setup Service includes the following:

  • Google Account Creation
  • Claiming of Profile
  • Profile Verification
  • Profile Enhancement and Optimization
  • Avatar and Cover Design
  • Image and Video Uploads
  • Products and Services
  • QAs
  • Plus one month of Google Posts!

This service has everything you need to get a high performing profile without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Google Business Profile Editing
Our GBP Setup Service goes beyond just claiming and verifying a profile. With this service you get a fully enhanced and optimized lead generating machine.

🏢 Have More Than One Location? That’s Our Specialty! 🏢

Do you need more than one Google Business Profile created? Let us help. We know first hand how hard it can be setup multiple without some coconuts dropping on your head 🥥 🤕

No joke! We’ve set up thousands of profiles, including those for multi-location businesses in banking, education, finance, healthcare, legal, retail, travel (and beyond). We know first hand the pain and agony you’ve probably experienced trying to get the most of out of your dashboard full of profiles.

Whether you have 5 profiles or 500, are a franchise or Fortune 500, GMB Gorilla can provide you with a turnkey way to offload the tedious (and often time consuming) tasks required to properly set up multiple Google Business Profiles.

For more information please contact us or call 1-800-410-3119 to learn more about how we can help your multi-location business.

How Our Google My Business Setup Service Works 🌴

GMB Gorilla uses their brain and brawn to make setting up your GMB profile easy. Our Google My Business Setup Service is just 4 steps:

1. You Tell Us About Your Business

Using our easy Google My Business Setup Service form, we’ll capture all the details about your business location needed to create a great GMB listing. This should take you about 10 minutes to complete – bananas, right?

2. We Claim Your Listing and Begin Verification

The next step in our Google My Business Setup service is to claim your listing on Google My Business using the information you provided. This ensures that your profile is secure and ready for expert management.

3. We Verify Your Business

We will initiate Google verification to authenticate your listing location and get it to start climbing to the top of the food chain. Whether your business can be verified through a phone call, email, or postcard, the Gorilla will do all of the heavy lifting.

4. We Setup Your Google My Business Listing The Right Way

As soon as your Google My Business listing is verified, our team of experts will get to work setting up your listing the right way. This means the Gorilla personally powers through over 100 different steps to ensure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to grow and promote your business.

What customers say about Google My Business Setup 🫶

connor wny fire pits

We got calls the week after GMB Gorilla set up our Google My Business listing and five years later the calls haven’t stopped.

– Connor Kolb, WNY Snow Removal

justin wekenmann 2

Google accidentally marked one of our listings as a duplicate, and within 2 days GMB Gorilla had it showing up again.

– Justin Wekenmann, Odyssey Telecommunications

Google My Business Setup Service FAQs 🧐

Can’t I just set up my own Google My Business listing?

Yes, of course! You could set up your own LLC and accounting records, too. But you most likely leave these things to the experts, right? Much like your lawyer and account, we are experts at what we do – which is why we’re at the top of the digital food chain! When it comes to setting up Google My Business listings, we use our brains and brawn to create great listings that perform.

Who will be setting up my Google My Business listing?

Your Google My Business listing will be set up by your profile manager, who is a Gorilla-Certified™ Google My Business expert. Your account manager will work with our copywriters and designers to ensure that you have an accurate profile that properly represents your business.

Who is responsible for approving content, edits, posts, etc?

We have two ways of handling this. The first options is you can request manual review of all content, edits, posts, etc. With this option we will send you the recommended changes, and then await your confirmation before implementing. The second option is to auto-approve based on the Account Manager’s professional experience. Most customers choose to auto-approve. With either option, our team is responsible for content, edits, and Q&A’s.

How long does it take to setup my Google My Business listing?

In general, we can get your listing verified and set up within 2-4 weeks of receiving your listing information. If you have multiple listings, the total time frame may be longer. However, the Gorilla has the ability to bulk verify. This really speeds up the process for multi-location organizations looking to get a convenient and competitive start on Google My Business.

Does this service guarantee I will get results?

We would love to say that simply having a Google My Business listing setup will drive you a life changing amount of business. Unfortunately, with Google My Business, like most things in life, you get out what you put in. While having a Google My Business listing will help, you should consider ongoing management and promotion in order to get the most out of your presence.

Other Google Business Profile Services 🚀

gmbg management service

Google Profile Management


Our Google My Business Management Service gives you a hands off solution for generating greater visibility and more business from your GMB listing.

This monthly recurring service is built to ensure that your listing is not only enhanced and optimized, but a powerful tool for promoting your business. Features include new posts weekly, adding and responding to QA, requesting and responding to reviews, uploading photos and videos, as well as updating information as it changes. 

Complete with a dedicated Gorilla-Certified™ account manager and monthly reporting, we’ll even fight spammy profiles in your area making this the most complete GMB Management Service ever!

Google Business Profile Management Service

gmbg optimization service

Google Profile Optimization

$350 per profile LEARN MORE

Our Google My Business Optimization Service is ideal if you already have a GMB listing, but you aren’t 100% sure if you’re doing everything you can to maximize your results. 

Instead of spending months researching best practices, and weeks trying to implement those ideas, our Google My Business Optimization Service can get you expert-level results without all the effort.

With this service you will work directly with one of our Gorilla-Certified™ GMB experts who will audit your existing listing, and then lead the implementation of an action plan designed to bring your listing to the top of the local pack.

Google Business Profile Optimization Service

gmbg support service

Google Business Profile Support

$350 per incident LEARN MORE

Have a pressing issue or problem with your GMB listing and need help getting it resolved? 

Well, then you’ve come to the right service for you. Let the experts at GMB Gorilla get you through the darkest parts of the digital jungle! 🌴

Our Google My Business Support Service is designed to help you when you have a problem that you can’t figure out or get an answer from Google.

Our Gorilla-Certified™ GMB expert work with Google My Business representatives every day and can help you successfully navigate the system to get the resolution you need.

Google Business Profile Support Service